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Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Compression System

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Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Compression System 100577-000
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Breg® Polar Care Wave (100577-000) combines motorized cold compression with active compression in a simple and compact system, making it ideal for facility and home use. Polar Care Wave is easily transported which extends the benefits of cold and compression.

The Breg Wave ice machine provides hours of consistent cold with compression along with anatomic wraps which are designed for your comfort. 

Special Y-Connectors have been designed for those who under go bilateral procedures and need to ice two body parts at the same time. 

The Polar Care Wave is in the third generation of ice machines: the other being Game Ready. Game Ready is an incredible product, read the reviews across the internet, the only issue is that is costs more than the average mortgage payment in the United States. The Breg Polar Care Wave unit is a most excellent alternative to the Game Ready unit; it is the most advanced ice machine on the market. 

How does the Breg Polar Care Wave work?

Via cold therapy (two options cold and colder) and compression (regular and low) the Breg Polar Care Wave gives you the best of both worlds combining compression and cold therapy. The pad attaches to your body part and gives you both a gentle squeeze and cold therapy. 

Does it get colder than an ice pack? No, it will not get colder than an ice pack. So why does use a cold therapy device then. Good question!  Studies have shown that you do not need to freeze your skin off to achieve the therapeutic effects of cold therapy. Cooling your body for a period of time with intermittent cold compression is what is clinically shown to give you the relief you are looking for and that is what Breg Polar Care Wave delivers. 

Adjustable compression therapy settings: Regular, Low and Off

Regular = 50 mmHg average peak compression
Low = 25 mmHg average peak compression

Adjustable cold therapy settings: Regular, Low and Off

Colder ≥ 45°F average operating temperature of the pad
Cold ≥ 50°F average operating temperature of the pad


Standard Knee 8″ 27″ 16″ x 12″ 11″ Knee Pad
Large Knee 16″ thigh 30.5″ thigh 16″ x 17.5″ 14.5″ and 11.5″ Knee Pad
Shoulder 40″ shoulder
12″ bicep
50″ shoulder
20″ bicep
15″ x 13″ 34″ shoulder
9.5″ bicep
Shoulder Pad
Foot/Ankle 9″ ankle
7″ foot
16″ ankle
12″ foot
17″ x 12″ N/A Foot/Ankle
Back 32.5″ waist 53″ waist 13.5″ x 14.5″ 21″ on each side Back Pad
Hip 33″ waist
8″ thigh
53″ waist
31″ thigh
16″ x 12″ 20″ each (2 straps)
Hip Pad
Universal 8″ knee
31″ chest/shoulder
47″ thigh
49″ chest/shoulder
20″ bicep/calf
13″ x 12.5″ 41″,39″,9″ Universal Shoulder
Universal Knee


Instructions for Use


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brenda Butler
No customer service

I have called several times and emailed several times since 10/7 with zero response.

Phillip H Morse
It’s wonderful!

I use it every night… very happy with it.

Dana Carver
Works great no leaks quality

I have been using this after my total knee replacement for a week now and absolutely love it. The hose system does not leak at all and is very easy to disconnect from the pad. The circulation of the cold and compression have two settings and are more than adequate. I purchased this out right instead of renting. It was cheaper to buy it tha rent it.
I use frozen water bottles along with cube ice. Which gives about 4 hours of chilled water. The unit is super quiet and easy to clean.
My recommendation is to spend the extra 175.00 and get this machine and pad. It far surpasses the “coolers with a motor in it” that often leak and cheap pad.

Jeffery Downey
Broken on arrival. Problem now fixed

The connection between the unit and the ankle pad arrive broken. I have sent them an email in regards to it, but I still haven't heard anything back from customer support. I was able to use athletic tape to hold the two halves together and use the machine, which is amazing! It is so much more effective in reducing swelling and pain than my original breg unit that did not have compression. If cold therapy gets back to me and sends a new unit or parts so that I can fix this one I will redo my review to 5 stars. Cold therapy replaced the unit without any hassel. Great company to do business with and great product!

Nick Dibiccari
The best thing I purchased

It has Been incredible using this machine it has helped me so much beyond my wildest dreams