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Universal Reusable Ice Bag Packs (12)

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Universal Reusable Ice Bag Packs (12) OB12
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The Cold Therapy universal reusable ice bag packs are an accessory for your cold therapy device. 

Simply add water 60% up to the seal line, seal and freeze these reusable ice bag packs.

In your first couple of days after surgery you are going to love your ice machine. Reduce your trips to the freezer for ice with these easy to use, long-lasting reusable ice packs. 

The ice bags help keep your water colder longer than traditional ice cubes (its a surface area thing).  It allows you to rotate frozen packs instead of dishing out ice cubes. Is it a luxury? Yes, but it is undeniable that it is a great addition to any cooler purchase. 

Below is a direct quote from a customer explaining why and how these little bags are so useful...

"The machine take 2.5 lbs of ice each time you set it up. I got two 5 lbs bags of ice and each bag was two sessions for my husband. Lucky for me I had a freezer I could put the other bag in. Once the Breg Bags arrived I was able to have ice for my husband without having to run out to the gas station for bags of ice. Well worth the investment."


Universal Reusable Ice Bags Packs: 

  • 5" x 8"
  • Fully frozen in about an hour in your freezer
  • Keeps your cooler water cold for 3 hours
  • Compatible with the following coolers: 
  • Tough plastic exterior with water that freezes inside. 
  • Volumetric capacity is 5 ounces
  • 3 Month warranty
  • The blue in the pictures is to show water. These are not blue gel bags. Those would thaw incredibly fast. Just for demonstration purposes. 

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Perkins
Not received yet

Waiting for delivery

Hi Lisa, our standard shipping is typically about 7 business days. Tracking shows that your order is out for delivery today which is within the shipping timeframe. Thank you, Customer Care Team

Leonard funk


Paul Sadowski
Relief when I need it

Insurance paid for my ice machine for a little bit after surgery. I still had some swelling. This machine works. I also need to have my other knee done, and due to circumstances, it's going to have to wait until the fall. That knee bothers me quite a bit and the Breg machine quiets the pain quite a bit. Money well spent.

Melzene Brinkmeyer
Ice bags

Saves buying bags of ice

Timothy DuBois
Packs vs Ice Cubes

I have a chest freezer with 20 pound bags of ice cubes in it. I have used the ice packs and cubed ice. The cubed ice can get my leg almost too cold. The packs seem to deliver a more appropriate temperature so I use those more often. I give them very high marks because they work perfectly.