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Universal Reusable Ice Cubes

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Universal Reusable Ice Cubes BCube4
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These universal reusable ice cubes are a game-changer for cold therapy machines!

Customers overwhelmingly love their cold therapy machines; however, sometimes the ice maker at home cannot keep up with the demand of their icing regiment. 

In the past, we have resorted to using frozen bags of water, frozen bottles of water or large format ice cubes--not ideal but doable. These new reusable cubes are the sweet spot solution and we think you will really enjoy their utility. 

Universal Cold Cubes

COLD CUBES Specifications: 

  • 2.6" x 2.6" 
  • Fully frozen in about 90minutes in your freezer
  • Keeps your cooler water cold for 6-8 hours
  • Compatible with the following coolers: Breg, Iceman and Airiest. 

Learn more about the value of cold therapy machines for injury recovery / prevention:


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Reusable icecubes

These work great, keeps colder longer. Easy to use, buy eight, four for using and four to rotate. Easier than buying bags of ice.

KbayMarine 2/3
Plastic Ice Cubes

Hey, I’m sorry but the vinyl cubes have been failing at the seams, upon freezing and thawing multiple times! If the seams don’t fail, it’s a much quicker fix on cold therapy use at any time! The ice method works great, but it’s more time consuming. Thanks

Kathryn Erickson
Great cubes

Purchased these for my ice machine to use post op knee replacement surgery. They last through the night so I didn’t have to worry about ice replacement at 2AM . That was nice! I can see using them in a smaller bag to like a lunch bag. This is a multipurpose acquisition!

Kathi Parks

I love these cubes. They stay cold longer and work very well. This is an additional purchase so I can rotate them.

Peter Lippincott
Cold cubes

Excellent product!!