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DonJoy® IceMan Replacement Pads

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DonJoy® IceMan Replacement Pads 11-0681-9-00000
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DonJoy IceMan CLEAR3 provides a clear advantage with controlled delivery of consistent and accurate cold via its semi-closed loop circulations. 

DonJoy iceman offers a variety of different non-sterile and sterile pads to deliver cold to various parts of the body when used with one of the DonJoy IceMan® ice machine units.

One Size Fits All

11-0679-9-00000 Universal Pad Regular Hose 10.85" x 11.34"
11-0680-9-00000 Universal Pad Extended Hose 10.85" x 11.34"
11-0681-9-00000 Universal Pad XL Regular Hose 12" x 11.34"
11-0682-9-00000 Universal Pad XL Extended Hose 12" x 11.34"
11-1268-9-00000 McGuire Knee Pad Regular Hose 10.85" x 11.34"
11-1334-9-00000 Shoulder Pad Regular Hose 14" x 23" x 12.5"
11-1397-9-00000 Shoulder Pad Small Regular Hose 12.75" x 19" x 12.25"
11-1522 Ankle Pad Regular Hose n/a
11-1521 Foot Pad Regular Hose n/a
11-9111 Hip Pad, Right Regular Hose n/a
11-9112 Hip Pad, Left Regular Hose n/a
11-0801 Universal Cold Pad Regular Hose 10.85" x 11.34"

Regular Hose (RH), 6.5"

Extended Hose (EH), 15"    
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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews
            Iceman Classic

            I have had two shoulder replacements in a two year period. I bought the iceman classic for my first surgery and it worked well. When I attempted to use it after my second surgery, the pump failed. The company said it can’t be fixed, buy a new one!

            Yes, this is accurate. Enovis does not sell parts for this machine.

            We hope your recovery goes well!

            clifton burgess

            life saver

            Harry Jones

            DonJoy® IceMan Replacement Pads

            Fantastic Relief

            I had total knee replacement, I am so glad I purchased this before my surgery. This eased me through the tough first days, provided earned relief after my physical therapy appointments. Highly recommend as essential after care. Thank you!

            Better than any pain medication!

            I just needed a new cord and universal attachment as we'd worn ours out. As a family of many broken bones, finding these ice machines is the best thing that ever happened. Every household should invest in one!