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DonJoy® IceMan Sterile Pad Accessories

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DonJoy® IceMan Sterile Pad Accessories 11-0823-9-00000
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DonJoy Sterile Pads provide a sterile moisture barrier between the skin and the cold pad. The Sterile pads s are available in three styles to use together with the various IceMan® Cold Pads and Wrap-On Pads.

Available Sterile Dressing Pads: 

  1. Ankle
  2. Shoulder
  3. Universal **Most Popular**
  4. Rectangular


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 212 reviews
    Kevin Callahan
    Double check the connections

    My Don Joy ice machine worked well after my LTKR. I previously had an older version of the same machine that a friend gave me for my RTKR. I have to say it seemed like the connectors between the knee pad and tubing were better on the older version. The newer one occasionally popped off even after I had securely attached the connectors. So watch out for that while using as the icy water flow to the pad stops when a connector is not attached.

    Bill Brown
    Ice Machine

    Great therapy machine. I am 12 weeks post knee replacement surgery. I use my ice machine at 2 times per day for 30 minutes. Amazing what it has done for the swelling post surgery. It works when follow your PT’s advice. Oh by the way I have reached 145 degrees knee bend!

    Excellent Service + Great Product

    (1) SERVICE: my interaction with Jordan, Stacy, and others has been friendly, respectful, efficient, professional, responsive in communication, quick shipping. Couldn't ask for better.

    (2) PRODUCT: I have only been using the Iceman for 1 week (daily) so cannot yet speak to its durability. However so far I love it! The ice water coursing through the pad on my ache-y knee is wonderful. I am not using it post-surgery, like many. I am 64 and have chronic ache-y and twinge-y pain in my right knee (& s.t. left knee) due to a torn meniscus (already scoped once) and arthritis. So I'm using it as needed for pain, or after working out, skiing, etc. and exertion. I'm totally jazzed to have this machine to use on my bum knee and whatever other vintage 1960 parts go bad on me moving ahead.

    (3) TIPS: (1) instead of using ice, use 4-5 small plastic water bottles of frozen water. (They are better than re-freezable gel packs which could leak gel if they have tears). The ice--being bigger--lasts longer than cubes--I've found it stays sufficiently cold for hours; and you can have another set of bottles in the freezer so you can switch out as needed. (2) Unless you really need the extra length, the REGULAR length hose on the universal pad is sufficient (I bought the extended hose and it turns out to be overkill for me); (3) Be sure to place the Iceman unit on a stable surface and pay attention as you shift around when the pad is on you. I did not pay attention at one point and, in shifting my position in bed, (with the hose attached to the pad on my knee) I pulled the Iceman off it's stand. Leave a little slack in the hose and just be aware, as I wasn't.

    (One thing I wish this very simple (but effective) unit had is an On/Off switch. Not a big deal, but it means that you have to plug in/plug out--either at the machine or the outlet--to turn the pump on and off vs. just flicking a switch. A rather strange omission in the design.)

    All in all I'm a very happy camper and pleased to have this great device to ease the pain and speed the healing as needed. Thank you!

    Not Feasible for Some People

    I really wanted to enjoy the DonJoy Iceman Clear3 Universal XL, but it was not feasible for me, and I regret purchasing it. I purchased the machine after foot surgery (not for a bunion) hoping that it would make it easier to keep my foot iced to reduce the swelling. It wound up being more bother than my refillable ice-cold pack. Here is why: 1) You need a LOT of ice. Like at least the entire bag of ice if you were to purchase ice from the grocery store. And I have a fridge that makes ice cubes, but to fill the container up to the recommended line required ALL the ice cubes in my ice drawer. This essentially meant that I could only use it once a day (since it takes 24 hours to replenish the ice drawer), 2) It is HEAVY once it is filled and awkward to bring from one room to the other. So, if you are like me and non-weightbearing for the next several weeks, you will need a helper to take it from the ice source to wherever you are going to be sitting when you are icing, and 3) It never really got cold enough. This part I could not understand since the entire container was filled with ice. My cheap refillable ice-cold pack stayed cold longer than the IceMan. I wound up abandoning the IceMan and going back to using my refillable ice-cold pack. The website does a good job warning you that the IceMans are not returnable. But I was so certain this was going to be perfect for my condition that I did not think I would regret making the purchase. I am really curious to know how people have so much ice available. I think if I had a commercial ice maker that would have worked. Maybe people are purchasing 2 bags of ice from the 7/11 everyday?

    JM, very soory to hear about your challenges during recovery. You are certainly right about the amount of ice these machines require. We offer refillable/reusable bags that you can rotate in and our during the day. The bags work great to keep the water cool and your freezer will not be working overtime trying to product the cubes. You are also rigth about it being heavy, especially when you are non-weight bearing. The bags can alleaviate some of that because when the ice melts in the bags you do not have to empty out the machine (i.e. walk to the sink, dump out the canister, refill with ice cubes, etc.).

    After the Easter Holiday, we will send you a 12 pack of the reusable bags -- on us. Let us know if that helps mitigate some of the downside of not being ambulatory.

    Customer Success Team

    Carol Johnston

    I've only had the unit two days but now can't live without it. What impresses me the most is how quite it is. I've had machines in the past similar but they were very noisy and expensive.